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Youtube is one of the most consumed entertainment platforms on the Internet, and we all use Youtube endlessly in our free time. But what if I say, there is a Modded version of Youtube that performs better than the official youtube app for Android? Yes, Youtube Vanced is a mod of Youtube that provides you with amazing extra features to the official version, you can do unbelievable things like block ads and many other premium features free of cost. Download the latest version of Youtube Vanced APK and MicroG APK and follow the installation instructions given below to Install and use Youtube Vanced on your Android Device.

How to Install Youtube Vanced on Android?

Installing and using Youtube Vanced app on your device involves just a couple more steps to the usual way of installing any application, just follow the steps given below and you will have no problem in installing the Youtube Vanced APK.

Step 1: Download the Given Youtube Vanced APK to your Android device.

Step 2: Download the Given MicroG APK to your Android device. (Installation MicroG is required to login into your Google Account in Youtube vanced).

Step 3: Go to your Android Security Settings and make sure you enable the “Unknown sources” option. This is required to install any application that is not downloaded from Google Playstore.

Step 4: Now in your File Manager, open the MicroG APK and click on Install. Wait till the installation is completed, once a success message is shown follow the next step.

Step 5: Again in File manager open the downloaded “Youtube Vanced APK” and click on Install, and wait till the installation is completed.

Step 6: Open the Youtube Vanced App from your App gallery and click on login, and login into your Google account and start enjoying the app.

Hope you Installed Youtube Vanced on your phone without any errors, if you face any problem you can leave your problem in the comments.

Youtube Vanced App Features

Youtube Vanced APK

Following are the Features Youtube Vanced offer extra to the official Youtube App.

  • Adblocker: Youtube Vanced has an in-built Adblocker that blocks all the ads in the videos and lets you watch the content without any disturbance.
  • Background Playback: Have you imagined youtube playing in background while you are operating something else on your phone? it’s possible with Youtube Vanced.
  • Force HDR Mode in Videos.
  • Pinch to Zoom feature is available in Youtube vanced.
  • Repeat videos or play videos in loop like in desktop.
  • Download videos to watch them when offline, this feature is really useful for those whose internet speeds are not perfect all the time.

Hope these features are amazing enough to make you install the app right now, leave your reviews about the app in comments after using.

Final Words

Hope you will enjoyed knowing about Youtube Vanced APK, share it with your friends on social media and enrich them with this knowledge. Keep visiting for latest innovative applications for Android.

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