Unified Remote Full Version APK Download [Paid] v3.15

We all love to watch movies or shows on our PC, but often we feel uncomfortable because you have to keep the screen near you to control your PC. We all often wish for a remote at this moment that can control any PC wirelessly, and what we have today is the app that can turn your Android phone into a wireless remote for your PC that can be connected through Bluetooth or WIFI. Unified Remote is the app that can do this for you. Download the Unified Remote Full version APK to your phone by clicking the button below. Don’t forget to read the Instructions to use it properly.

Instruction To Install And Use

Step 1: Download the “Unified Remote PC Server” to your PC, and install it.

Step 2: Download the “Unified Remote APK” to your Android phone and Install it like any other APK file. Make sure “unknown sources” option is enabled in your security settings.

Step 3: Once Server and app are installed successfully, make sure to connect both PC and Android phone to Same Wifi device, or connect your PC and Mobile using Bluetooth.

Step 4: Open your Unified Remote App in your Android and go to the “servers” tab and you will automatically see the name of your PC, click on it to pair.

Step 5: once your PC and Android are paired, Go to remotes section to find all the types of remotes available, “Basic Input” is the mode in which you can operate your mouse and keyword through the remote, which is mostly enough for operating your PC.

Unified Remote Full version Features

Unified Remote APK Download

Below are some of the most exciting features of Unified Remote.

  • You can Use Both Wifi and Bluetooth Connection to connect your PC and Android phone, this makes the remote connectable even when you are not at your home (near your Wifi router).
  • Basic Input remote lets you operate the mouse and keyword of your PC flawlessly, without any delay in response.
  • File manager Remote lets you explore the File Manager of your PC from your phone as well as copy files between your PC and Phone.
  • The Inbuilt media remote has all the buttons you need while watching any movie, like pause, play, forward, backward, vol up & vol down etc.
  • You can Switch off your PC or log out your PC using the power remote available.
  • Remote Screen viewer streams the screen of your PC on your Android phone and you can touch your phone to operate your PC.
  • Using the Advanced English Keyword provided, you get the full functions of your keyword like f1, f2, function button, windows button etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to use Unified Remote through Bluetooth?
Ans. Using unified remote through Bluetooth is easy, all you have to do is first switch on Bluetooth on both your PC and Android phone, and pair them. Once paired, open the Unified Remote Server, and select Bluetooth as the connection type. Now open the Unified remote app on your phone and go to servers, and you will find the Bluetooth connection name, select it and start using.

Q. Does using Unified Remote through Wifi consume any data?
Ans. No, data is not required for the operation of Unified Remote, you can even keep the data of your Wifi Off, and still the unified remote will work. All it needs for the connection is a common connection to operate on.


Hope You loved knowing about Unified Remote, download it and make your life simple. if you liked this shortcut of life, you might also be interested in GB Whatsapp APK, check out its features. And Don’t forget to share about us with your friends and help us grow.

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