Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) APK 2.0.0 Download for Android

Take your creativity to the next level through the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. For those who are unaware, Minecraft PE is the best 3D Sandbox Game which you can play with your friends online. It is a game made by developer Mojang, which is a Swedish company. The players are given different resources they need to build what they feel on a different mode of the game. You can create buildings and monuments precisely like you want using the resources you get, apart from buildings, you can also create weapons and defence equipment using the given items. We know it sounds amazing. Don’t delay, download the Latest Minecraft PE APK file by clicking the download below, and install it on your Android phone.

Disclaimer: Minecraft is a paid app and it doesn’t allow publishers to upload its APK File, we have only provided link to the original owner link.

How to Install Minecraft APK?

Installing Minecraft Apk is just like installing any other Android APK file, but if you are new to this world of Android users follow the exact steps given below and you won’t face any error in Installation.

Step 1: Download Minecraft pe APK file to your Android device.

Step 2: Go to your Android security settings and make sure “Unknown sources” option is checked.

Step 3: Open the downloaded Minecraft APK file and click on the install button and wait until the process is completed.

Step 4: Now you can open the Minecraft pocket edition version 2.0.0 from your home screen and give a new direction to your creativity.

More About Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket edition is a free online multiplayer 3D sandbox game where you can let your creativity free and build anything you want with the real world resembling resources. The beauty is that you can also join with your friends and build something big collectively. There have been many viral monuments built on this game which looks beautiful and makes us wonder what if they are the built-in real world. If you like the concept, don’t waste time, and download the new version of the game to your Android phone.

Minecraft PE APK

If you once get aware of the rules and techniques of the game, you can get to learn a lot of skills that might be useful to you in your day to day life. If you love playing online games, you can also check out Geometry dash which is also a famous multiplayer game to play on the internet.

Minecraft FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can I Play Minecraft game for free?
Ans: Yes, unlike other games in this category, Minecraft is free to play on Android and other devices, but there are some in-app purchases you can make to unlock different new features in the world of Minecraft.

Q. How to Play Multi-Player on Minecraft PE (Local)?
Ans. This is a question many players have about how to play multiplayer on the local server of Minecraft Pocket edition, Follow the Steps given below to do so.

Step 1: Make sure all the other players who want to join the game with you have the same version of the Minecraft.
Step 2: In your device, open Minecraft and click on play and create a new world, once your game stars go to “Game Menu>Options” and enable “Local Server Multiplayer” option.
Step 3: Now, all other players have to open Minecraft and click on Play, and instead of creating a new world, they can find your world in their list, just click on your newly created world and click connect to join the same room and start building.

Q. Is the Better Together Update coming to all Minecraft editions?
Ans: The Better Together Update is available for players on Xbox One, mobile, VR and Windows 10 devices. We’re working to bring the Better Together Update to additional platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, and we will have more updates to share soon.

Q. What are the controls?
Ans: The controls can be found beneath the creative mode gameplay window and are customizable by the user from the pause menu, the default controls are:

  • W = forward
  • A = left
  • S = reverse
  • D = right
  • Space = jump
  • Left Shift = sneak
  • Left Ctrl = sprint
  • Tab = list players(for multiplayer)
  • E = inventory
  • T = talk/chat
  • Q = drop item
  • F = swap item with offhand
  • Esc = cancel

Final Words

Minecraft APK

If you love playing unique creative Android games, download Minecraft pocket edition APK to your smartphone and have fun in your leisure time. Don’t forget to share this game with your friends whose choice is the same as yours. And keep visiting our website to get updates of Minecraft and more amazing games.

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