Google Find My Device APK Download

Phones getting lost is a really common problem among people, and we all have lost atleast one phone and regretted it. We even sometimes forget where we kept the phone in our home and realise the was also on silent mode, and so you end up wasting lot of time in searching your phone everywhere. Now, Google has found the solution to all of these problems with an amazing app called Find My Device. Using this app you can track your Android phone on Google Maps using GPS and it can even make your phone make loud noise when its on silent, and much more features to locate your lost phone. Click on the Download Link below to download Find my device APK to your Android phone for free.

How to Install Find My Device APK on Android

Follow the exact instructions given below to install Google Find my device APK on your Android device without any error.

Step 1: Download the Latest version Find my Device APK from the link given above.

Step 2: Go to your Android security settings and make sure that the “Unknown sources” option is enabled.

Step 3: Once “Unknown sources” option is enabled open the downloaded APK file and click on “install” button, wait till the installation process is completed.

Step 4: once the installation is completed successfully, click on the “open” button to start using Find my Device app.

Hope you have successfully installed Google Find my Device without any errors, now your phone can never be lost with the help of this amazing app.

Google Find my Device Features

Google Find my Device APK Download

If you are interested in knowing more about this application, read the complete list of features listed below. And we recommend you to enable Location Services on your phone to make the app work best.

  • Locate your Phone on Map: Through your Google account, you can easily track the exact location of where your phone is on Google Maps. If you are phone is stolen by a thief, he will be tracked where ever he is going.
  • Use Indoor Maps: Tracking through GPS becomes hard when you are inside a building or mall, but with the Indoor maps feature of Find my device, you will be able to get the exact place where you left your phone inside a building.
  • Play a Sound: You can get your phone to play a loud sound even when your device is on silent mode, it makes searching your phone inside your home easier.
  • Erase the Device or Lock it: If your phone is stolen and you want to delete your confidential data from your phone, you can opt to erase and lock your phone, this will completely erase all the data from your phone and lock so that the thief won’t be able to crack and get into your device.
  • See network and battery Status: When your phone is lost, you can also keep check of its battery percentage and network status.


Hope you will enjoy your phone without the fear of loosing it. If you have got a new Android phone, Install this app right now so you don’t regret not installing Find my Device APK after its lost. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends who use an Android phone. Keep visiting for latest apps that are amazing for users.

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