AnyDesk Remote Control APK for Android

Remote Computing is not new to the world, we all know of different software that lets us to remotely use a PC from PC, but what if I say now you can remotely use your computer or when needed your client’s computer or your friend’s computer, you can access it from your Android phone with Anydesk Remote Control. Click the download button below to download the latest version of Anydesk APK, don’t forget to read the instruction to use the app.

How to Install And use Anydesk Android?

Follow the steps given below correctly to install and start using AnyDesk Android APK.

  1. Download the Given APK file to your Android phone you want to use as the Remote.
  2. Go to Security settings of your phone and make sure the “Installation of apps from unknown sources” option is enabled.
  3. Open the downloaded APK file and install the app.
  4. Download the AnyDesk for the device you want to control using the remote, Anydesk is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.
  5. Open Anydesk in both the devices and enter the 9 digit code of the PC in the Anydesk of the remote device and click on connect.
  6. Accept the security warnings, and accept the connection request and you are ready to use PC remotely from your android phone.

Anydesk Remote Control Features

Anydesk APK Download
  • Remote Control any device with realtime precision, the connection is so fast that you feel like working with your own computer.
  • Anydesk is available on almost all the known operating systems, so it doesn’t matter, you have a windows computer or MAC, you can always remotely use one another using Anydesk.
  • Completely free of any cost for personal use, it lets you use all its features for free of cost.
  • Provides banking-level security between connections, your access cannot be taken without you letting them purposely, so there is no worry about security.
  • You can connect to multiple screens simultaneously, and also let multiple people see your screen simultaneously, you can easily coordinate with your team virtually, using Anydesk.
  • You can enable Audio or text chat and communicate with your partner.
  • You can easily share files between devices with the permissions.

Anydesk Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Anydesk work without an internet connection?
Ans. No, Anydesk can work only with an active data connection in both the devices. For now, there is no Bluetooth or hotspot sharing option.

Q. Is it Safe to have Anydesk Application in my Android phone or device?
Ans. Yes, the servers of Anydesk are highly secure to the level which is used by high secure banks, Its impossible to gain access to your device without you accepting the connection request.

Q. Can I remote control and Android device from my PC?
Ans. Yes, All you have to do is enter the 9 digit code displayed on your Anydesk Android in the Anydesk of your PC, and connect it. You can perform all the activities on your smartphone remotely from your PC.


Hope you found Anydesk useful for your personal use, If you liked Anydesk Remote control, then you might also find Unified Remote APK interesting, don’t forget to check it out. And share our website with your friends on social media to support us.

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